Monday, August 22, 2005

A shrine at People's Park Complex

Unknown to many, especially shoppers, at the back of the People's Park Complex, next to the garbage centre, is a very well-kept shrine. The shrine is in honour of Da Bo Gong, Ji Gong and the Monkey God.

Early in the morning each day, one could see a steady stream of people going there to pray and probably going on to work. As in typical Taoist mentality, many Chinese passing by would drop in to pray to the Gods, burn some joss-sticks, before continuing on their journey. Joss-sticks are available for anyone to use. There is a safe into which anyone could contribute. The Chinese calls this "Tiam Yu" (in Hokkien), meaning giving money for the oil so that the oil lamp remains lighted.

From the appearance of the shrine, it must have been well maintained by some people, who could be working in People's Park Complex. And the Deities must have provided good support to the businesses in People's Park. An interesting relationship


kukukucinta said...

waa, i nvr see this b4 in chinatown...

chinatownboy said...

Ah, there are many interesting nooks and corners in Chinatown. Explore them before they are gone, forever. (^^)