Monday, August 15, 2005

Kwong Zhou Hui Koon 岡洲会馆

This building of the Kwong Zhou Hui Koon (Cantonese) or Gang Zhou Hui Guan (Mandarin) has been standing there since 1924. It has seen much changes around it and has now found most of its neighbours gone. It has also undergone much facelift. The picture that I took last Friday show it at one of its best. I have not been inside for a long time to see if there were renovations as well.

My wife's "grandma" (not sure if she was adopted) had her tablet placed on the third floor of this building. And so every year, on Chinese New Year eve, we would go there to pay respects. As we entered the ground floor, we could not help noticing the typical Chinese Association set up, of very fine big black table in the centre surrounded by many wooden chairs, with more flanking from the wall. The furniture showed the better days that the Association has seen.

This Association has been and is still active with its own Lion and Dragon troupes (when there were few in Singapore) and its own opera group. Culture is passed down through its activities. You would notice that Cantonese Operas still draw the crowds.

Some of the furnitures of the Association are being displayed in the Chinatown Museum at Pagoda St.


Monkey said...

wow thanks for writing about it because other than what it reads outside I have no idea what it is.

I've always been very drawn by it every time 143 passes by. I've tried to take shakey photos from the bus but erm, turned out shakey. SIGH. so good to see it here :)

chinatownboy said...

I will try to see if there is any opportunity to go inside again. Maybe, I will let you know so that you can have a look. Nothing grand, but must be very grand in its heydays. (^^)