Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Dog who rules Chinatown

Yesterday, as I was on my "patrol" of Chinatown, cutting into my way was this dog. Could anyone identify the specie? Oblivious to me nor to anyone walking infront, by the side and behind him, he walked, at its own pace, apparently knowing its way. He walked alone with the owner trailing behind.

The proud owner (I am not sure who owns who) declared to anyone who wants to hear, in Mandarin, that his dog knows its way home. He even offered anyone who wanted it. I suppose with a dog which knows its life, it is not going to happen.

The many pet-friendly people were soon trying to pat it or follow it. Ah, probably this chubby dog will beat any baby to it! Apart of pausing awhile, obliging the pats occasionally, it strolled its way home.

Let's see if our paths crossed again. If so, I might want to interview it. (^^)

Ah and this brought to mind an old black dog who lived in my block. That must be some 2 decades ago. It lived on the 4th storey, where there are associations/offices with an open air space. When it felt too tired to climb up the stairs or walked down the stairs, it would take a lift, waiting patiently for it to stop and open. Sometimes, it would patiently wait for the lift to go up to 19th storey before descending down to ground floor to get out. Those who knew it, would help to press 3th storey for it to get out when going up.

A dog's life in Chinatown.

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