Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lai Chun Yuen 梨春园 - guzheng performance

Not wanting to miss the guzheng performance, we rushed to Lai Chun Yuen, arriving a little past 7pm. We were still able to watch the performance. It was impressive. All the ladies with one man performed on the guzheng with two guys on the percussions.

No conductor, no notes but the ladies and men performed beautifully. What is perhaps a little lacking is the set up in the rest of this magnificient hall. But one cannot complain when one is watching and listening to the performance without paying a cent.

If only someone were to project the title of the pieces that the guzheng troupe was playing. The music was very familiar but it took a while to try to recall the title. The pieces chosen was very well suited to the crowd, very robust, full of life and energy and towards the end, with the encore, the crowd was clapping hands to join in the beat.

If they were to have such performances very weekend, it would certainly be great. If only I could have my table and chairs nearer to the performers.  Wine was on sale there, and maybe a glass might match with some pieces and some oolong for others.

I think the current management is having vendors offering all kinds of things for sale, preferably heritage stuff of Chinatown and Singapore. It is almost like a flea market and I think more could be squeezed in to make it really like a market. If they could keep the noise level down, and have performances like every alternate half hour during weekends, it would be a fun place to go to. Maybe even the musical buskers too! Imagine even the amateur nanyin singer - be it Hokkien or Cantonese. The erhus, the pipas, the Chinese strings .. and maybe, the Teochew kong kuan (the whole group might bring the roof down).


Mabel said...

Hi Chinatown Boy,

I the lead player (also live in Chinatown) of the guzheng group - "Zheng Ensemble" which you saw at Lai Chun Yuen. Our group would like to thank you for your support during the performance and your post of us as well. Just to inform you that we will be having another set of performance at Lai Chun Yuen on 13 and 14 June ( 2 pm and 7 pm). Do come and support us!


chinatownboy said...

Hi Michelle,
Thanks! Will try to be there to do more recording, albeit amateur. (^^)

Can you give us a contact to reach your Ensemble? I am sure some might want to invite your Ensemble to perform. (^^)

Great performance!

Mabel said...

You can contact us at email : Or you can contact us at 67847568. Prob u can drop us an email so i can give you further contact info.

Thank you.



MeiSee said...

Hi Chinatown Boy,

I would like to book Lai Chun Yuen for an event. However, I can't seem to find any contact online. The numbers I found have been disconnected.

I have even tried to call Michelle, who posted her Guzheng contact number here, for help. *sheepish*

Was wondering if you have any point of contact to Lai Chun Yuen that I can explore? Would really appreciate any help.

Do drop me an email at
m e i s e e . m a k @ g m a i l . c o m
(just remove the spaces betweeen)


Mei See