Monday, July 14, 2008

Couldn't he have a better aid?

As I was coming home one day, I had to slow down to allow this man to take his time to walk down this narrow road. At first I thought he was using the four-legged gadget to help him walk, as is the case with older people where a walking stick is not enough.

On closer look, I saw that he had only one leg. I couldn't help thinking if he couldn't have a better gadget to help him? Like an artificial limb? Was it a case of ignorance?

Which brought me to another case where there is this old lady (maybe in her 60s) who uses a stool to walk to buy food from the coffeeshop. Her back was bent and apparently she could not stand straight. The only way to help her maintain her balanace was to put her hands on the stool and walk, each step at a time.

There must be something that we could do for our older folks, who have contributed much to what Singapore is today? We still have a fair number of older people who are illiterate and could only speak dialects.


Axel said...

I would like to congratulate u . I had been living in Singapore for last 3 years.... and by chance i found ur blog.

Found most of information in your blog a small treasure to learn more abt what it was Chinatown in the past .... and the experiencies that people like u lived in this neighbourghood.

chinatownboy said...

Hi Axel,
Thanks for your kind comments. Glad that you enjoyed my blog. I try to recall and share what might no longer be around soon. (^^)