Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Busking at the "People's" Square

On a typical weekends, the open space surrounded by OG, old People's Park (as we call them), People's Park Complex and Majestic Building, is often filled full of human traffic. Older folks would sit on the concrete surrounding the trees and listen to the other older folks busking. What a wonderful afternoon to while the time away, listening to songs of yesteryears, something the grandchildren or even the children might not enjoy.

On some days, there could be two to three groups of buskers, some accompanied by musicians as in this case, where they play a assortment of musical instruments. Now, if only the story tellers, like those of yesteryears - the famous Cantonese Lei Dai Soh or Hokkien Ong Toh - were there too.

The cobblers carried on their work at the fringe, with their share of audience, some customers and some probably members of their respective chatgroups. To those diners along the row of Toh Kee, it was added entertainment. To the oldies, they might remember the old days when there were singers who would go from table to table to sing. That was in the very old open air People's Park.

If Republic Food Court would create their foodcourts with a touch of the old, maybe, such nostalgic times could be re-created for People's Park and Chinatown. We certainly can enjoy some operas being sung too.


Anonymous said...

I was there a few times in the evening but didn't see the buskers. Maybe they started recently.

chinatownboy said...

I am not sure on what days. But maybe, the next time you try on a Sunday or a public holiday. See if there's anyone who can sing a great Cantonese opera piece. Say, a Singapore friend is enjoying the music from your blog all the way from Germany!

Anonymous said...

I was down last Saturday evening and saw a group of buskers singing a mixture of mandarin and cantonese songs - haha no great pieces or singing yet.