Monday, April 10, 2006

Herbie is at it again!

Ah, the oldies but goodies might remember Herbie. For the youngies, maybe, you have another name? My old cells cannot recall. (^^) Yes, on this lovely Sunday afternoon when the carpark lots at Blk.33 off Park Crescent were quickly being filled up by the modern and flashy cars, there was one vintage. At least it was declared by the car, or the owner?

Blk.33 must be one of the best designed carparks in Singapore, but on this fateful day, 9 April 2006, the cars were crawling. I thought that only happens just before the Chinese New Year! Aha, I found out why quickly enough. Herbie decided to get fresh with this sweet young thing and so got close to it, oblivous to the embarrassed noises from the fellow four-wheelers. But it did respect the rule of the day, not more than 5 minutes. (^^)

But being typical Singaporean cars, they just passed by, took a quick look and went looking for a proper place. Tsk! Tsk! The cars must have been saying, doing it in public. (^^) Ah well, we should not be voyeurs, right? And so we went away.

How long did he stay there, I did not stay to find out. The next time I was there, he was gone. (^^)


Lam Chun See said...

My family used to own a beetle. But sad to say, many problems. Once we had a party in the Officers' Mess in Mandai camp. I borrowed the car but when it was time to go home, it wouldn't start. Fortunately, my platoon was around and no sweat to push start it.

chinatownboy said...

Nothing like available manpower. (^^) That was the air-cooled beetle, right? One of its kind with engine at the back. These days, if a car stall, it would be almost impossible to push to jump start, because chances are they are auto ones. (^^)