Thursday, February 09, 2006

Chinese New Year in Chinatown

Over the years, Chinese New Year in Chinatown means shopping before the big day and Yu-Shang (pronounced in Cantonese for Yu-Sheng) after the new year. The highlights of the goodies for the Chinese New Year were mainly for the traditional Chinese cooking, such as dried mushrooms, the famous Yunnan Ham, all kinds of Chinese sausages of various shapes, colours, size and lengths, dried oysters, fatt-Choy (in Cantonese for Fa Cai) and yes, tidbits such as boiled peanuts, cashew nuts, melon seeds, and sweets. The attraction for this year must be the Mua-chi (like the Japanese Daifuku) from Taiwan.

Said to be originated by three or four local Restauranteurs, the idea of Lo-Hei (again, in Cantonese for raising prosperity) was rooted and now it is an in-thing for all to go for Lo-Hei within the 15 days of the Chinese New Year. This year, I saw people going for Lo-Hei even before the CNY! Some would prefer to do it on the 7th day of CNY, as it is said to be everyone's birthday. And yes, from the traditional Cantonese raw fish, these days, one could do Lo-Hei with practically anything, from Salmon to Abalone.

One interesting landmark of the new entrance to Chinatown must be the decorations at the New Bridge Road/Eu Tong Sen St junction with Upper Cross St. This is one scene that goes 360 degree that you must see. (^^)


PinangNyonya said...

Wow, the Chinatown 360 degrees scene is really something ... never knew such technology exists. It's almost surreal. What's with the windmill and Leaning Tower of Pisa ... leftover from the Xmas decor? A celebration of our rich multi-culture? Yam Seng! (^^)

frannxis said...

The scene is nice but somewhat looks distorted.

I noticed that there seemed to be no waxed dick this year. Wonder if anything to do with bird flu.

chinatownboy said...

Ya la, it's like seeing from a goldfish eye. (^^)

Yes, I too noticed that there's not as much waxed duck this year. Still I managed to have one steamded lap arp bei (waxed duck drumstick). (^^)