Sunday, January 08, 2006

Chinatown Lights Up

Officially speaking, that is. It was "ren-shan-ren-hai" (people mountain people sea) from People's Park Complex to Sago Lane. It was almost like the old days when there were only shoppers and the stalls. Last night, the crowd was created in part, with the show and the small walking space for the people who flocked to Chinatown to watch, amongst many things fireworks.

There were more onlookers than shoppers, but certainly some would be "hooked" to buy something they fancied. The show by the Sichuan Operatic Troupe at the open stage next to the Chinatown Food Centre/Market must be the crowd stealer, with its modern dance and the ever interesting mask-changing performance.

For the crowd lined along the barricades, the highlight must be the dragon, lions and stilt walkers. The crowd, especially, the children just love to touch the fur of the lions. One young kid was so entranced by the giant (on stilt) that he allowed him to carry him.

Yes, Chinese New Year preparations for the household are underway. Chinatown will relive its old days, albeit a little differently.


cat_aunty said...

i like your blog!

chinatownboy said...

Hi cat-aunty,
thanks! Visited your blog. Great one. I have just taken a picture of a cat having its dinner. Want to have a look at the pix?

cat_aunty said...

ok. Chinatown cat is it? U put at your blog lah.

chinatownboy said...

Good Idea. Will do that. (^^)

oceanskies79 said...

Thank you for sharing.