Thursday, January 12, 2006

Chinatown Cat

Thanks to the encouragement of cat_aunty I am sharing a pix or two of this Chinatown Cat. One wonders since when did the cats come to Singapore (^^). But for longtime residents of Chinatown, they must have seen generations after generations of these free and easy cats. These cats are fiercely independent but are tame enough to take up your offer of food.

And if they like you, well, they will declare that you are their property. How? By brushing their bodies against your legs. Oh, they love a scratch on their head and would sit perfectly still, a little purr here and there, as you scratch its head.

On this crowded and noisy night in Chinatown as it lighted up for the Chinese New Year shopping, this cat was contented to have its dinner on a newspaper, thanks to its sponsor. Despite the movement of the people and the rain, it just ate on. What would its life be in Chinatown. (^^)