Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A New Barber in the Neighbourhood

Well, not really new, but it was a first time for me a couple of weeks ago when I decided to try out this S$10 a cut within 10 minutes. Service was efficient and friendly and since they use a kind of vacuum cleaner, I have less "hairlings" on my face, nape or shoulders. Interestingly, when I had my hair cut once in Raleigh, without any vacuum cleaner, this guy could make sure that I have no such hair to irritate my skin. (^^)

Jennie Tan was the main person of this, I suppose, 2-person setup, the People's Park Complex branch of the sprouting up chain of EC House (facing the old People's Park and near to the McDonalds). I think she's a trained hairdresser and so cutting hair was a breeze for her. It took some getting used to this advantgarde Japanese barbershop or haircut saloon. I must have a ten-dollar note to insert into a machine and get a card. This card was taken by the Jennie upon cutting my hair. I thought I would have a souvenir.

So, this new setup is going to be quite a challenge to the existing barbershop in the basement of People's Park Centre, manned by some 6-8 men, all of whom speaks Fuzhou dialect. (^^) This barbershop offers S$9 a cut. Come Chinese New Year, it is going to be interesting.


kukukucinta said...

i always go to this $10 haircut salon to trim my hair too! but wat i hate most is when they use those sucking vacuum machines, so bladdy noisy and itchy lor!

chinatownboy said...

Ya hor. For a moment, I thought what's remaining on my head may also be gone. (^^)