Sunday, September 04, 2005

Chinatown Light-up for Mid-Autumn Festival

The usual part of the Chinatown, along New Bridge Rd and Eu Tong Sen St, on the part that stretches from the People's Park Complex to Yue Hwa Department Store, was lighted up tonight with illuminated Chinese images. The roads were cordoned off for the "parade" where the performers were to perform at two points, as I observed.

Save these two places, along the route, there was hardly any onlookers. There was nothing to see except the performers walking. Well, at least the enthusiastic NUS students would pose for anyone with cameras. It should have been a parade with performance all the way. After all the route is not so long. In this way, more tourists can see, and not just the VIPs.

The stage outside the Chinatown Wet Market was a more traditional place where the locals sat and enjoy the Chuan Opera from Sichuan, China.

As the fireworks took off, the shoppers along Pagoda street began to look at them, taking out their handphones. One poor stallholder was calling out, "Look at my watches leh."


kukukucinta said...

i was there last weekend. the light-ups not very impressive leh, but still it added a little to the lantern festial moods...

chinatownboy said...

Yes, something is better than nothing. But this cannot beat the good old days where it was for the locals and the tourists just come to enjoy it. (^^)