Thursday, September 08, 2005

Austrian Wurst Anyone?

Nested between two stalls, in front of the Chinatown complex and facing the Da Dong Restaurant, nearer to the Smith St-Trengganu St junction, is a mini Austria. During the Chinese New Year shopping days this year, it attracted a lot of Chinese to try the Austrian sausages.

And now, by that small stall, is a mini stand where German speaking people are gathering for the sausages! Was! Ein klein Stammtisch! This must be the Austrian version of our Sarabat Stall which has made its way to the "Red Alert Book" of "Going to be extinct" makan relics of Singapore.

A jovial guy, the chef of the stall sure will make you "feel at home" when you drop by.


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121774 said...
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kukukucinta said...

yes! i ate the sausages b4, very nice! go for the combo ah, got all the flavours ^^