Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Teh Halia Anyone?

Teh Halia, or Teh Sarabat or Ginger Tea is one of my favourites. I am still trying to establish the origin of this tea. It is basically the English Tea with condensed milk and ginger juice. Perhaps, a touch of evaporated milk to give it a flavour and taste.

In Chinatown, my favourite one is the "sarabat stall" in Far East Square along Cross Street. If you go in through the Fire Gate, you will see it. Until 10pm or so, there is a constant crowd of people queuing for various drinks. This is the modern age Sarabat, although you will see the Indian chap doing the "tarik" (pull) to cool the tea and give it some foam.

A great place for after dinner in the area, for those who do not prefer to have alcohol.

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