Monday, July 04, 2005

Carpark goes hi-tech

Carpark goes hi-techFrom 1 July, 2005, the Park Crescent Car Park went hi-tech using the IU device of the car which is used for the ERP. Gone are the nightmares to the users and the car park attendants when the drivers tried to push in their cash cards when they actually have to press the button for a card. But then, the familiar faces of the HDB carpark attendants are gone too. Wondered what happened to them. Did not get a chance to bid them farewell for their great job and patience handling visitors and residents alike.For residents, driving in and out is a breeze now. The detector seems to be able to detect the IU device very quickly. Gone will be the days when we have to back off just to get our device to be detected.Noticed that there is a similar system at the carpark to the Chinatown Food Centre carpark.

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