Tuesday, July 19, 2005

All your toiletry needs

Since the old People's Park closed for a year-long renovation, a part of Chinatown disappeared. No scenes of shopkeepers sitting and chatting with each other waiting for customers to come to their shop. Gone too were the days of hearty bargaining for the cloth. While some of the shop owners decided to take a year off, some probably retired, the rest went to a temporary holding place in Queen St.

Popular with the ladies were some shops on the third storey selling all kinds of toiletries. I am not sure if there are other shops that could boast of such varieties and well, reasonably prized. I think three of these shops from the Old People's Park have moved to the third story of the adjacent block 34, Upper Cross St. There were ample signs and banners directing the loyal customers. These are the shops where the customers don't buy one or two items. Baskets are provided for the shopping. No price tags, all are rattled off from the brains of the assistants.

At least some of the Old People's Park crowd has migrated to this otherwise very quiet lorong of Block 34.

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