Monday, October 24, 2005

People's Park Complex

Probably the first shopping complex that houses many different shop units, the People's Park Complex was like a pheonix arising from the ashes, for before that was an old people's park of wet market, sundry and cloth stalls, open air restaurants, all thrown into one, that was partially destroyed by fire.

I had the good fortune of testing out the escalator and checking out the shop units as the complex opened to the public, with only a few shops opening. It was novelty for the Singaporeans, especially the residents of Chinatown. The Chinese emporium was the anchor tenant that attracts the crowd with its cheap products.

Today, People's Park Complex has evolved many times, upgrading to hold on to the crowd that has since been distracted by many other shopping centres. To Chinatown, this is an icon of modernisation. It will continue to evolve to make itself attractive and meaningful to the shoppers and residents of Chinatown.

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