Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sending money is a breeze

This morning, I went to the Western Union to send condolence money to the family of a colleague in the Philippines who had succumbed to cancer. Wow, Western Union has transformed from a telegram company to a money-transfer company!

At the Lucky Chinatown branch, at the corner of Pagoda St, it was manned by a Chinese lady from Shantung and she speaks pretty good English. I guess most of the clients could be Chinese sending back money. But this is also a good and cheap medium for Indonesian and Filipino maids working in Singapore. For S$12 charge, one could send money across, which could be retrieved within minutes. All one needs is to call the other party to inform the MTCN number, the sender's name and the payout amount. Presto! Money is received within minutes!

This service is also available in major post offices.

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