Sunday, July 17, 2005

Lor Mee, anyone?

A week ago, with the family, we revisited our favourite "Lor Mee" [Lu Mian 卤面] stall at the Amoy St Food Centre, at Amoy St. As usual, there was a queue. From full service in the past to self service recently, the loyal customers never fail to turn up. In many cases, it is a 3-generation affair. And I suppose that's how one passes on the acquired taste down the generations.

I suppose Lor Mee is a Hokkien noodle dish with the gluey sauce over the noodles and topped with fish, sliced braised pork and deep fried flour balls. With sliced chilli and black vinegar, it tastes heavenly.

On Sunday mornings, this stall at the second floor is very busy.

The Place:
Yuan Chun Famous Lor Mee [Yuan Chun Chi Ming Lu Mian ]
Stall No. 02-79 and 02-80
Telok Ayer Food Centre


kukukucinta said...

hey, u know what their operating hours like? only sell in the mornings ah?

chinatownboy said...

I think by about 9am, the stall should be ready to serve. If I am not wrong, they are closed on Mondays.

moon said...

I like the stall at Clementi Ave 2.. wow the best lor meehoon I tasted so far! Although the gravy has quite a bit of garlic taste, but its is still delicous with the heavenly herb taste. The meat is fresh, tasty and sinful. ;-P

chinatownboy said...

Can tell me the block?

Lilian said...

the stall serve all day long or morning session ?

chinatownboy said...

I understand that they might sell from morning to lunch time. I usually go on Sundays at about 9am and a queue would have already formed. If I am not wrong, they close on Mondays.